Sunday, May 22, 2016

I made a cake

I borrowed a pan and made a lemon cream cake. Tastes basically like lemon pound cake. Now I'm vaguely obsessed with adding lemon zest to things. I took it to work for my aide's birthday.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The official spring garden (minus a rose)

All I need is a mini rose and to put out the hummingbird feeder
Raspberry, cherry tomato, dahlias, cape daisy


Cape daisy!

New clematis (and four o'clock seeds)
Waiting for hummingbird feeder

Moved the birdfeeder over here, honeysuckle
growing well but no four o'clock seeds sprouted

Still need to weed. Sigh.

Planted the morning glory that was sad inside

Is this enough wire? Only time will tell...
Pansies, violas, johnny-jump-ups
Alyssum, waiting for rose, waiting for black-eyed susan vine to sprout
Basil and chives, parsley

Mint in the corner. You can be invasive any time now...


Very pretty

Polka dot plants, a green thing that hasn't died, and seeds waiting to sprout

Lemon balm!

Sara bought me a pretty

Still waiting for these seeds to sprout

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The official spring garden. Almost.

My one tulip, snapped a picture only a few
minutes before the rabbits destroyed it, like
all my other tulips. *Sob*

The raspberry is sprouting. Will it live for the 
requisite two years to bear fruit? Only time
will tell....

Cherry tomato, just for Sara. Ok, I will eat them
too, but planted mainly for Sara.

Only the parsley (for another neighbor) is done

Mint, hiding in the corner! Squirrels have
already dug into it twice. Sigh.

A nice little crop of anemones - only one of 
the hyacinths ever bloomed. Oh well. Next year.
I've planted more morning glory seeds here.

The middle garden - the destruction of tulips.

Need to do some serious weeding in the far third
but it's difficult to reach the corner. The daffodils
came up ok.


One of my calla lilies is coming back.
The other seems dead forever, but you never know...

The honeysuckle was transplanted happily (unless 
this is the clematis, but I think it's the honeysuckle)
There are four o'clock seeds planted as well.

The clematis (unless it's really honeysuckle) is
not very happy about being transplanted. It
got kind of squished. There are four o'clock
seeds here too.

The birdfeeder!

The hummingbird feeder will hang here


Hmm, can't really tell if I weeded or not

The leaves look messy, but I have no way of
removing them - I guess they're good for the dirt
That's what I'm going with anyways

Happy anemones, only nibbled a little



Black-eyed Susan vine is planted in the far pot
The others are just covered to keep the 
squirrels from digging out the dirt until I get
the rest of the plants

Raspberry still alive!

Tomato still alive!

I transplanted the dahlias and they're very...
droopy. Hopefully they'll perk up after some 
water and a few days of sun. These are the fall-
blooming ones.

One big stem broke when I transplanted them )-:

Two pots of zinnia seeds planted!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Garden, actual spring

I thought this was a hyacinth, but it doesn't look like a hyacinth, not even the weird mutations I get because of my lack of sun. 

Those are anemones

Those....were tulips. Dang rabbits.

Put together another little table to put my plants on. The idea is that they won't be in front of the window a/c

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Garden pre-spring

After I carefully planted everything inside, because it was SNOWING, the weather promptly shot up to the 70s. I can't win. 
Pots in the parking lot. The 4 back by the picnic bench will be zinnias, the small green one in the corner will be daisies, the two big orange pots are for dahlias, the ones wrapped in wire are for tomatoes and raspberries. I've planted the raspberry....stick? and hope it grows! But nothing else is planted yet.

Pots by the door - back two are for violas, dark turquoise is for roses, the one by the trellis for black-eyed susan vine, the small purple pot is for parsley (i don't eat it, but my elderly neighbor does) and the pot with something green is for basil and chives. the chives came back from last year!

My reticulata irises did not last long. I'm not sure if they're meant to be ephemeral or if they couldn't take the sudden bouts of snow. There are a few other things sprouting - the far corner is disappointingly empty.

But I found an anemone!

And another one!

These would be hyacinths if I had more sunlight. Mutated hyacinths?