Thursday, July 23, 2015

Market flowers

Left from last week

The flower sellers will let you pick! I got 3 dark purple gladiola (the only color they had)

A gorgeous puffy orange dahlia and a crimson one

Monday, July 20, 2015


I wanted to put this one together one more time before I weeded it. I forgot that it isn't a very good one. My mom put quite a bit together while she was here, but maybe it wasn't the best to test out my new puzzle table on. She pointed out that it's difficult to not have anywhere to spread out the pieces, so I used my ironing board.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Two days of the garden

On Saturday, the heat and humidity made the nasturtiums gorgeous. Of course, I didn't think to snap a picture until a little later, but they looked like this only a little better.

Sunday, I tackled the garden. PHASE TWO OF THE WAR AGAINST SLUGS. I pulled out all the half-dead peas, trimmed and moved the pansies to the back, added morning glory seeds to the rose/alyssum pot and moved it next to the railing, thinned the herbs and moved them to the front for more light, and trimmed the mint and retrained the African daisy vine up to the trellis.

Then I sprinkled diatomaceous earth over everything. We'll see.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Crabby the Crab's Words of Wisdom

Um....I had some vague idea of putting a crab in the teen area? I dunno.

Crabby the Crab likes peace and quiet
and subsists upon
a crustacean diet

Crabby the Crab gets lonely sometimes
but then he remembers
that the other crabs pinch

Crabby the Crab
knows his left from his right
and his right from his left
after all
it’s easy to remember
his left claw is bigger than his right
or is his right bigger than his left?
sometimes Crabby the Crab
feels left right out
of the pursuit of general knowledge
or is he outright left?

Crabby the Crab
is a serious fellow
he dislikes balloons
and the color yellow
so flip that grin
upside down
share with Crabby

a serious frown

Flowers from the farmer's market

They let you pick! I'm usually not a huge fan of lilies, but the gladiolas aren't out yet. I do love zinnias. The sunflower is hanging on bravely, even though it makes me sneeze. Probably BECAUSE it makes me sneeze.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The garden mid-July

This corner has the variegated leaves that I love. It's a little weak in spots - I think the slugs hit it - but doing well overall.

I am confused as to what this is. I thought it was morning glories, but those aren't morning glory flowers. I am confused.

Lots of nasturtiums hiding in the bush

Including some gorgeous peach melbas

A few holes in the leaves, but nothing too bad

However, if I want morning glories I have to go a little easier on the seeds next year...

These might be morning glories. Or they might be the mysterious vine. There's a white butterfly

The herbs are growing well - I just cut some after this. The violas and johnny-jump-ups have mostly recovered from the slugs. The peas are a little out of control. I don't know that I'll try them again, although they are tasty.

I didn't plant them well and had to keep rearranging the vines and a lot of the vines are dead, which doesn't look good.

This is my pot of new flowers. I have already forgotten their names, but they are the tall delicate white ones I remember as a child, some sort of pinkish daisy things and some purple things. I added a few delphinium seeds and put wire over the pot edges. The nasturtiums still haven't entirely recovered from their stint in my bedroom, but I added some four-o-clock seeds and wired them as well.

The third pot is going to be zinnias - just planted the seeds.

And I organized my remaining flowers from the farmer's market, eked out with some herbs which smell nice.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


My nasturtiums would be improved if I wasn't so impatient. If the seeds don't grow fast enough, I have a tendency to....throw more seeds in. I'm working on it. However, I have quite a few beautiful blossoms!