Saturday, April 18, 2015


I went with some friends to the Three Blind Mice miniature show. I bought a small selection of garden items, meant to be added to the unfinished greenhouse/conservatory scene. I still want a sort of white, wrought-iron looking table and something to put on the walls, but I'm not sure what...

On to Iris!

Crocus' brief reign is over;
Pale cups of light droop,
Sink and return to earth.

Puzzling continues

Still working on the Ukranian eggs puzzle. You can see some of the eggs forming!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Tea Collection

Black pattern - strawberry truffle
Green pattern - rooibos chai
Green with hummingbirds - sweet peach
Purple hexagons - raspberry patch
Pink and green - summerberry splash
Denim flowers - sore throat soother
Paisley - chamomile blossoms
Purple and plum - fox trot (mint and chamomile)
last one is empty!

Clearing the mind

This is why I took a break from beading - I'm still listening to all the Kerry Greenwood audios (again) but I switched over to puzzles instead of beads. Next I'll change off to quilts. My mind is very tired and sore and it's relaxing to do something mindless.

Bead curtain continued...

 Really, I added more although you can hardly tell...taking a break for a while now, as I'm using the desk for a different project.