Monday, August 31, 2015


I am...disappointed. Somehow I thought they'd be a LOT bigger. I guess maybe it will look better when more bloom?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Poppy Bag

A new project...the mystery is revealed! I still have to get a white cord or ribbon to run through the top, but otherwise it's done. It's a bag to hold my small crochet projects.


One can hardly call making these beading. Basically you just use your beading pliers to pop open the circle, hook it onto the medallion, and voila.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Gardening plans

I intend to use my vacation at the end of September to lay out another garden plot. I have ordered more bulbs. Decisions must be made.
This is the current layout. Pots, two garden plots, and a vast array of nasturtiums and morning glories to the left. Those are my windows. A small section of pots to the right (the faucet is back in the that corner)

Now, I could continue to extend the gardens out to the left, in front of my windows. They could surround the hummingbird feeder and I would be able to see them out the windows.


On the other hand, this side is rather bare and unbalanced. But I'm not really interested in planting things around someone else's window.

My green world

I finally convinced the morning glories to weave across my window. I love being all green inside.

I just really like gladiolas

My best new favorite thing

My brother bought me this cold tea pitcher from Fava as an early birthday present. I am in love. You put the tea in the pitcher, pour in hot water and cold water, and refrigerate. The top has a little sieve thing that keeps the tea from coming through when you pour it. I have made Sweet Melon with Strawberry Rock and Summerberry Splash, with and without Strawberry Rock so far. I just can't get Summerberry to taste the way I remembered it in the store. Oh well.