Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Rocky Road candy

I meant to make this candy back in December. And then in January. Now it's March. I bought dipping chocolate in bulk - the big chunks - melted it in my double boiler, and stirred in peanuts. For the first batch I also stirred in marshmallows, for the second I layered the pan and poured the chocolate/peanut mixture on top. I put them in aluminum pans that I greased with butter. The staff liked them, but I think there were to many marshmallows in the first batch.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Patchwork skirt in earth patterns part 2

 Really, really hope I pinned this right. It's three layers - the flannel underskirt, patchwork overskirt, and yoke of the waistband.

And of course I DIDN'T pin it right, b/c the flannel ended up wrong side out. Well, I'm not undoing it now, especially since I double-stitched the waistband! 

Really doesn't look that bad - only the bottom edge will occasionally show anyways.

I still have all the leftover pieces - have to decide if I have enough for another skirt.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Patchwork skirt in earth patterns part 1

I've been planning this for a long time. I had lots of strips tidied away for.... several years. The plan is to sew them together, then cut the skirt pieces, then cut a second set of skirt pieces in red flannel, then sew them all together into a layered winter skirt. I cut the pattern to a mid-length - same length as the corduroy skirt I made. For the patchwork pieces I extended the pattern 2 inches on each side, so it will be looser over the flannel.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Batik skirt for Librarian Sara

Still trying different patterns. This was a McCalls pattern and I have NOT had good luck with them in the past. Either I'm really not good at sewing or their patterns have definite flaws. Naturally, I prefer to think it is the latter. It's supposed to have side seam pockets, but thankfully Sara does not like them, because they're extremely annoying to try to do. I used a dotted zigzag overstitch and discovered, belatedly, that if you do something wrong it's almost impossible to remove! Which I guess is half the point. Anyways, the main problem was that the waistband twisted and didn't come out even. I have one more pattern to try and then Sara can tell me which she likes best and I'll use that one. Or keep looking for a better one.

Batik pattern

Twisted waistband. Oh well.

Mini flannel bunny quilt

About six inches. Made in the pillow method - sewed inside out, turned right side and opening stitched up.

summer dress

This was one of those pre-smocked things. I've done them before and they never turn out quite as I'd hope, but I bought this last summer and decided to try again. No, the straps are not even. I don't care. I had to use a fiddly stitch to work on the thin, stretchy fabric, it doesn't cut evenly, and I'm not planning to wear it that much in public anyways.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Corduroy skirt

I've had this corduroy for a long time - I had a dress pattern, but I took so long to make it that I no longer fit in that dress size. So I got another pattern and then the same thing happened.... anyways, I finally just made it into a skirt. After I'd cut out all the pieces, I realized that I couldn't just sew it like regular cloth (while I was half-asleep in bed this morning actually) because it frays so much. So I investigated and actually used a presser foot I've never used before and overstitched all the seams. Then I went over them again with a zigzag stitch. I don't really want to put a patch pocket on this one and seamed pockets are just too much work, so I was thinking maybe I'll just get a little bag or ribbon for my keys. As you can see, I didn't really bother about matching the grain, which is just one of the reasons I am NOT a professional or anything and I wish people wouldn't say I know all about it. I'm far too lazy to make really good clothes.