Sunday, January 3, 2016

Watching the birds

The tub one on the right is the really squirrel-proof one.
When they jump on it, it slides down. The one with the
baffle they love. They just hop on from the windowsill
and camp out there.
After much effort, I have finally settled on a more or less acceptable mode of bird (and squirrel) feeding. The squirrels ate two suet feeders, and then they ate one of those long tube feeders (literally. they ate the feeders, not the seed. Well, they ate that too but they also ate the feeders). So I got a "squirrel-proof" feeder, which is now the squirrel-feeder. Then I tried AGAIN and this time finally got a really squirrel-proof feeder. So far anyways!

New suet feeder. They're already nibbling on it and they
popped it open so I had to fix it and put twist ties on
but so far they haven't actually eaten the feeder.
Anyways, they're cheap.
I've seen chickadees, which I love, nuthatches, which I never know how to pronounce, a possible woodpecker, what might have been a junco, and a....purple finch? I am rather doubtful on that last one, since it isn't exactly the right time of year for them, but the weather has been so weird anything is possible.