Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Zooing before the holidays

I had the day off (due to working a lot of extra hours at the beginning of November) and I decided to go shopping. Since the weather was cold and rainy, I included the zoo in this expedition. This isn't what most people think of as good zoo weather, but I love it! Visiting the zoo in "good" weather means vast hordes of people, adults and children. I like kids. I work with kids. But sometimes I want a break from kids, especially kids en masse. Even more so do I want a break from people in general. People in a zoo seem to be a perfect illustration of our society's inability to quietly observe or tolerate moments of quiet reflection.

However, on a cold, rainy day I had the zoo pretty much to myself! The aviary was empty except for a few staff members observing and I got to peacefully watch the ducks (my faves) without feeling their stress at being squealed at or chased. I also saw lots of interesting behavior from whatever the black birds with the red beaks and legs are - one was zipping back and forth from the pool to the waterfall to a rock. In the rest of the aviary, since it was so quiet and undisturbed, I saw much more activity than I've ever previously observed. The mouse birds were clinging to the wire of their enclosure, I heard a new bird call (one of the doves or pigeons?) and got a really good luck at some ducks that are usually hiding.

I didn't see the hyenas (I would totally donate for a permanent enclosure for them! Hyenas rock!) and the bongos had already moved indoors for the winter I think, but there were plenty of other animals out and about.

Pop! Hello seals! There are more over in the corner which you can't see, including a pup.

There were people making inane comments at the giraffes so I didn't stay long. I weep for humanity.

I love Eva, the tapir. It's hard to see, but she's taking a comfy nap while sparrows bop all over the place. Sadly, she is too old to have babies. Tapir babies are so cute!

The red pandas definitely enjoy this weather

As does the snow leopard

Their giant heads fascinate me

Having enjoyed the zoo (and being thoroughly damp and rather hot - it wasn't cold enough to get chilled) I then went shopping. Of course I went to Jo-Anns, as they were having a sale. I also got lots of cheese and tea and things for presents....

More felt! and beads. I am not in a beading mood but they were on sale...

Organize all the felt!

Organize more felt!

I bought about 6 yards of this. You will be seeing it later

I got this for our maker kits at the library. No, I will not be touching it myself. It has glitter and is cutesy *wince*

To add to my stash

For a mysterious project...

Ok, this is cutesy flannel and I bought it for.... I don't know. Something.

Well, that explains why I liked that flannel. I'd already bought a lot.

Big flannel sale! I'm going to make a big flannel quilt for visiting guests. I think this will be my next project.


I bought some candle-making stuff - just a pitcher and wicks - a while ago. I finally got around to trying them out, using my leftover candle bits from my Ikea candles. Apparently, after they harden they sort of sink and/or develop air pockets. I haven't tried lighting any yet....hopefully they don't explode or something.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Psychotic dragon-frog with sleeping bag

or a dinosaur. Depends on how you look at it. I used the basic body pattern from Jane Bull's Craft Creatures. The rest is all me.

First try at the teeth. Not quite right.

Second try at teeth. Much better.

Halfway point.

Hmm. This is the point where I realized I had created a psychotic dragon frog. Oh well.

This was just a piece of extra knitting I had. I crocheted up two sides, leaving a little poky hole at one end. And not because I ran out of yarn (I totally ran out of yarn)