Monday, April 25, 2011

Communal Sight #9: Musically Inclined

Polyphony winds like meshed wires
the melodies are woven with white keys
two roads dance, curve, bind
each other with taut notes.

We watch each other like soft liars
deceiving with eyes, hands, each sees
no more than they can say and find
within themselves; we all see motes

upon each other’s eyes that match our own
hear double-tuned Stravinsky in our ears
see mirror-images of our own thought
spend out our images that we have bought.

Old sureties are past; now no one’s known
tight weaving’s gone; the listener hears
only their own soul’s tune, long sought
once found, imprinted on each image caught.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Communal Sight #8: Double Vision

I see doubles
        doubles on doubles
multiplying into haze.

I’ve tried a lot of glasses
each lens ground into infinity
  balanced in space
  suspended on wire
  curving over my eyes
  sharpening vision
  clearing the air
  improving my world.

Now I see double in my head
        two eyeballs
                two hearts
                        two mouths
and endless grinning teeth.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Communal Sight #7: Identity Focus

There is a round still center in the human heart
it holds together all our minds' vague thoughts
like the earth's core fire
that holds the cold soil in
But when I twist my hands into a knot
and try to find the center of my heart
I only plunge into a darker dark
the core and center of my heart is smoke
it fades and swirls, falters but grows strong.

There's a Medusa in my soul's deep center
with gently undulating snakes of stone
The poets sound so sure there is a center
even the modern wasteland of new death
has a black core, foul-smelling ugly-mouthed.
I have no core, no center holds me in.
When I lie in bed at night
my body flies apart into the mist
I try to catch my wandering thoughts with distached hands
my feet sit mockingly beyond my reach
tell me, old poets, lying in dust and bone
where will I find a core to hold me closed?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Communal Sight #6: In the mirror

How can the empty face and eye
see past the darkened air?
How can the lonely one
go through the mirrored window and beyond?
What is the meaning of a thought
held tight within?
Is the lifeless image over there still me?
Or am I a strange imagined cause to dream?