Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Zooing expedition - the shopping

I only do fun shopping
Paper beads. They're very light, so they make good earrings.

A couple children's records from Half Price Books

I bought three new puzzles at The Learning Store

Leeks, plums, a honeydew melon, asparagus and cheese at Brennans

Rooibos Jasmine and Blueberry Torte from Fava Tea

Taffy, havarti cheese, portabello mushroom, napoleons, croissants, two kinds of watermelon juice, lemonade pom tea and ingredients for my spring food - cream cheese and olives on baguette with POM.


the only thing more hilariously awesome than mating season in the zoo aviary is viewing mating season in company with large numbers of curious, voluble small children. Also, the young red panda was out and very active and I took lots of pictures specifically for my sister, who likes red pandas. and I saw a chipmunk. I like chipmunks. oh, and also - Sossy the baby snow leopard is not dead. I saw his foot move.

Ukranian eggs puzzle finally finished!

I don't know how long I've had this puzzle, but quite a long time. I almost made it once and then took so long I had to put it away to do something else. Move maybe, I don't remember. I finally finished it this time though! And now it's done and I'm never doing it again - it goes on the pile of "puzzles I'm getting rid of somehow"
It wasn't, ultimately, a very good puzzle - the picture was blurry and so it was difficult to actually match up the eggs.

Last piece of furniture

Truly. I will need nothing more. I'm sure. This is a tall table that sits in front of the window, with light from the lamps by the shelves at the right. There's a tall chair too. I intend for it to be my puzzle/beading table as both things need fairly close attention. Or maybe I just need new glasses.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


I went with some friends to the Three Blind Mice miniature show. I bought a small selection of garden items, meant to be added to the unfinished greenhouse/conservatory scene. I still want a sort of white, wrought-iron looking table and something to put on the walls, but I'm not sure what...

Puzzling continues

Still working on the Ukranian eggs puzzle. You can see some of the eggs forming!