Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stripy remnants purse

This was made of several different leftover skeins and is a full-size purse about 10 inches long. I didn't quite like the strap - I think it's a little too long - but it would be perfect for a small child to use.

Mini stripe pouch

This is a little round bag with drawstrings. It's a bit bigger than my mini acorn bag, but not by much!

Rectangle pen bag

This was a new style - It's a long rectangle and I'm not really sure what to do with it. Mini pen bag?

Red striped bag

It's a finger bag! Or something. I like the way it came out in blocks of color.

Blue striped potholders

Or dishcloths I suppose, although I think they make better potholders. They have little hooks.

Fruit punch bag

This is pretty much a classic mini bag pattern (classic for me anyways)

Fruit punch hat

This is a hat for a very little head. Or it could be a miniature tea cozy.

Blue and turquoise mini bag

This isn't my smallest bag, but it's only a little under three inches with one side loop. I really like the way the blue came out in the edging.

Bunny ears blue and white bag

It totally looks like bunny ears! Nice little stripes, or maybe swatches would be more accurate, with a little carrying loop on either end, perfect for stringing onto a belt or rope.

Fairy acorn bag

Because really, only a fairy would need this tiny bag to carry her acorns in! This is the smallest one I've made at barely two inches long. It has a tiny loop at one end for either a little fairy hand or to hang it from a hook or longer holder.

Fruit punch mini bag

This has the little raised border and all in one piece handle that I favor for my bags. As you can see, it's only a few inches high.

Fruit punch pouch

This is a pouch-shaped little bag with a single crochet handle that can pull the bag tight and be used as a handle. When it's pulled closed it's just big enough to hold one doll-size treasure.

Turquoise pocket

Teeny bags! As you can see, this one is about three inches high and has a little loop to carry it with (or hang over a doll's hand).

My first crocheted purse

This was my first crocheted bag. It's about six inches high and four inches wide and is made all in one piece, handle included. The inside pockets were crocheted separately and then attached. I used it for almost six years before the handle started fraying, probably due to repeated washings.
Inside - note pocket for cards

Inside - second card pocket, which isn't quite symmetrical!

Outside, with a nice little edging

Hard to see, but you can kind of tell how the handle is all of a piece and can be pulled closed.

Large holiday quilt

This is my largest holiday quilt. It's a big rectangle, about 28x40 inches. The backing and border are red with tiny star/snowflakes (depending on how you look at it) and the actual quilt is a kind of modified nine patch made in strips. There's green, green stripes, holly, and mini holiday lights. Why, you ask, do I have all these holiday quilts when I don't really celebrate Christmas and don't decorate? Well...I just do, I don't really know why.

Shattered blue stripes

This quilt is about 20x20 inches. If you look closely, you can see it's a sort of blue/turquoise patterned stripe that shatters out into a slightly different pattern in the corner. (I ran out of the right fabric and then liked the way it looked after I laid it out)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas mini

This is a truly mini quilt, about 4x6 inches. It's meant to be a holiday motif for a dollhouse or for a very, very small doll bed.

Twin Green Baby Bugs

These two quilts are about 18 inches square. The backing (which I just realized I never photographed) is pink with a pattern of white daisies. They're meant to be doll quilts, especially if you have sibling dollies who don't like to share! These will eventually be in my craft store...someday.