Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Elephant friend

Sewing is all about patience, thinking ahead, and trying again.
I had almost finished hand-sewing this when I realized it would be easier to machine-sew it

And hopefully less lumpy

So, slightly less lumpy. Been a while since I've sewn corners apparently

Yeah, should have but the eyes and ears on BEFORE stuffing it

But she's pretty cute!

Even if she doesn't stand up without help...

And has an oddly-misshapen back leg

Zombie/Vampire/Fluffy Bunny

Minimal Fox

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sewing samples in process

Crafting Stash

I finally found a home for my quilts and crocheted things. I'm packing them up to be shipped off at the end of the summer to a new home where lots of kids will have fun playing with them!

One biggish child's quilt, some mid-size doll quilts, and a handful of mini quilts.

Two big bags (I hope to see pictures of kids trotting around with treasures tucked into those bags (-:) and a big selection of mini bags, good for dolls, stuffed animals, or just for fun. Also a couple washcloths and two mini hat-things.

Blue pansies quilt

I finished this one a few weeks ago. I've very fond of the blue pansies (I suppose they're actually violets, but I think of them as pansies) pattern but eventually there won't be any of it left....sigh.