Monday, February 28, 2011

Communal Sight #1: Each Hundred Years--

Each hundred years
we look into another’s eyes too deep
and turn away mind-torn
blundering, blind, we frighten passers-by
they see old souls closely riding on our face
            the world explodes
            stone shattered, light scattered
            hands tremble, dissemble
            breaking, shaking
            crumbling, rumbling
Old Foundations Halt And Stand
we land, breathless, bruised
hold tightly to warm earth
rise slowly, forget nightmares
renew dreams, walk free.

Unfortunately, sometime last century,
some morning clear and cold
some young innocent looked sweet and deep
into a double lens, saw eyes and earth
and knew them
walked gravely out into the pale new light
and delicately smashed to powder minds’ foundations
we drank them bitter

Now every day
we look into our mirrored eyes too deep
and turn away mind-closed
polite and straight we mingle with the crowd
we’re all old souls inside a young façade

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