Monday, May 7, 2012

Did I once fear

did I once fear
the silence of the dark
I long now to stifled
wrapped 'round in still
quiet is not cold or pale
it is a warm red room
hot and stupefying
a drug that brings relief
shut up
shut up
let me lie still
and hear a great abyss
wide and open
constant, cruel
noise comes
my nerves
are as taut as the plucked strings
on a violin
let me sleep
let me find oblivion
that my ears may be no longer torn
with shattering sound

(See, my older younger brother, as opposed to my younger younger brother, decided he was going to raise birds. Parakeets to be precise. In his bedroom. In our very small mobile home, with paper thin walls. Did you know that parakeets, if you don't take care of them consistently, SCREECH ALL DAY AND NIGHT? I have never really liked birds since. On the bright side, I didn't have to share a bedroom with him - If I recall correctly, it was around this time that my older brother started sleeping in his car...)

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