Saturday, March 14, 2015

Zooing on my own

Everyone was gone, but I wanted to go to the behind the scenes at the zoo and I have no problem doing stuff on my own so I went! (the only thing I will not do by myself is go to restaurants. I have to have someone to protect me from possibly predatory waiters who might TALK TO ME)
You could walk all the way to the south side and look at the behind the scenes - vehicles, train, and greenhouses.
This was all the tropical plants they bring out for the dinosaur exhibits.

They said the amaryllis are for an Easter event. Why don't my amaryllis look like this? 

The tour of the bear dens, moose, and wolf yard was the BEST. It was led by the zoo's librarian. Librarians do it better.

Then I wandered around the zoo a little. The prairie dogs were out!

The accompanying peacock was looking very stylish

clever duck
Then I went shopping and bought tea canisters, spiral notebooks, tea, and I went to the mall (something I hate doing) and got another piercing and bought a puzzle at Barnes and Nobles and then stopped at the fancy grocery store to buy olives, petit fours, plums, and watermelon water.

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