Friday, July 17, 2015

Crabby the Crab's Words of Wisdom

Um....I had some vague idea of putting a crab in the teen area? I dunno.

Crabby the Crab likes peace and quiet
and subsists upon
a crustacean diet

Crabby the Crab gets lonely sometimes
but then he remembers
that the other crabs pinch

Crabby the Crab
knows his left from his right
and his right from his left
after all
it’s easy to remember
his left claw is bigger than his right
or is his right bigger than his left?
sometimes Crabby the Crab
feels left right out
of the pursuit of general knowledge
or is he outright left?

Crabby the Crab
is a serious fellow
he dislikes balloons
and the color yellow
so flip that grin
upside down
share with Crabby

a serious frown

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