Saturday, April 5, 2014

Renovating the bedroom; or, I deal with stress by moving everything

Before - bed by the window

Shelves in the corner (laundry drying...ok, totally dry and not put away)

Clothes closet

craft closet

Starting to move the books out to the living room

The living room plants waiting hopefully for their new shelf in the bedroom

I would like to say that the living room shelves looked like this after I moved everything....but actually they looked like this before. I haven't done the living room yet

Paperbacks mounting up in the kitchen at my desk, waiting to be re-cataloged

Cleaning up the hallway - it has to get messier before it gets cleaner

Starting to clear off the bedroom shelves

First stage in moving the bed

Shelves and sheets piling up in the living room

Moving the bed

The bed almost in its new home

Fairy lights!

Shelves in place

You can see it's sort of an extra large cupboard bed

With a little gap to reach my bedside table and the light switch

Putting back the sheets and books

The hallway beautifully clear

It took forever to clean the entryway because I dropped a huge bottle of laundry soap on the doormat. But it's very clean now!

I live in a book world

The fabric in the entryway hallway

Of course, now the living room looks like this, but you can't have everything

Back to the bedroom - the clothes closet is beautifully arranged

Bed curtains at the end of the bed (sideways picture, sorry)

And at the end of the bed.
I'm not completely done - I still need a small table or shelf from Ikea to put in front of the window for the plants, I have to hang pictures in the bedroom and the hallway, and recatalog and replace all the books on the shelves. But I'm getting there!

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