Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Conclusion of the Beet Venture; I do not like them

I forgot the last time I'd tried beets and felt pretty meh about them and succumbed to the fresh vegetable lust of the Farmer's market. I found a recipe for cooking the greens as well. Conclusion: I can just stomach roasted beets, although they will never be my favorite. The edibility of beet greens is a cruel and unsupported rumor, much like the edibility of okra. They smelt worse and worse the more they cooked, they tasted worse than they smelled, and after I threw them away the reeked most vilely. I like enough other vegetables that I do not need to experiment further with these. Note to self - remember that you do not like beets and your memories of liking them the first time you had them should be tempered by the memory that that was the first time you'd had vodka too.

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