Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hair adventure part 2

The light is really bad - makes my blue streaks look brown or black
I never wear my hair down, but I did not feel my beautiful blue was as appreciated as it could have been, so I coiled the top to keep it from being too hot and wore it down.
This only worked b/c I was doing stuff at the computer all day and our a/c is temporarily working. Moving around it gets in the way and even with most of it coiled up it's hot!

Have I mentioned it's really hard to take selfies of the back of your own head?
When I got home it was hot, so I coiled up the loose hair and wound it around the bun. Stuck with a couple pins and it was pretty comfortable.

Yeah, this light really doesn't show off my blue streaks. Solution might be....more blue next year!

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