Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bake sale

Having put off this project until the book and bake sale is THURSDAY I realized I could wait no longer. I had unwrapped a bunch of caramels over the past few days and when I got home this evening I started the melting.

I melted vast numbers of caramels, mixed them with peanuts, and formed them into clusters. This leaves out me dropping caramels, forgetting to grease the wax paper and foil and then having to peeel it off bit by bit, burning my fingers on the caramel, wondering why the butter smelled weird, realized it expired two years ago (but it was in the freezer, so whatever) and wondering why I ever thought this was a good idea.

This is the result. They are not done. They still need to be coated with chocolate and I have an entire bowl of caramel still to melt.

Meanwhile, I was also mixing cookie dough. I'm determined to use up all this baking stuff, especially the stockpile of butter.

Two batches of M&M cookie dough.

Then I did dishes. My mother would be proud of me. Now all I have to do is melt the rest of the caramel and mix in peanuts, cool them, melt and coat with chocolate, cool them, package them for the bake sale. Bake and cool M&M cookies. Make 3 more batches of cookie dough - chocolate chip and butterscotch. Bake and cool. Package cookies. Haul them all to work. I hope I get book money out of this...

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