Monday, January 12, 2015

Hair style achieved

I always wanted to put my hair up in a coronet, peasant-style, whatever you call it. But it never worked. They always slipped or didn't stick and there were bits everywhere. But I finally figured it out! First, you have to use one braid instead of two (this does require very long hair). Secondly, clips not pins! I actually got the idea for trying it this way from a picture of an author on Publishers Weekly Children's Bookshelf. I can't remember her name at all, but she's got very thick, dark hair and had it up in a braided crown with bright pink clips that looked like butterflies. And I thought AH HA!! and it totally works. It's really comfortable and easy. I think it looks much better from the front than the back, but why are you staring at the back of my head anyways?
And all the four year old girls are drooling in envy of my hair. 
My life is complete.

It is not easy to take pictures of the back of your own head

and this is a horrible picture. whatever.

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