Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Popcorn cake; or, Sometimes you can never go back home

I was talking with our circulation staff one slow evening and somehow we got onto the subject of food (well, that actually happens quite a lot) and from there I was talking about a bunch of recipes belonging to my grandmother that my mom had found and given me. And then I remembered when she made popcorn cake. I remembered this as a sticky and delightful confection, with peanuts and gum drops. The staff were eager to taste this delicacy, so I made it for the last leaving party of the year (seriously, we had 10 staff out of a total 16 leave this year, although not all had parties).

I found this recipe online, as it wasn't in the recipes my mom passed on to me. I replaced the M&Ms with gumdrops (I'm not going to admit how many I ate first). I don't have a Bundt pan so I just used a square tupperware.

It was gross. Like rice krispie treats but with stale popcorn (I swear it was fresh). Alas, childhood memories can never be relived.

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