Thursday, October 1, 2015

Vacation Day 6; or, Vacation is slipping away so fast...

Trimmed all the zinnias, added cages, shifted pots.
Still not quite right.

Appropriated empty pot. Hope someone didn't want it
because it is now mine. Next year there will be more zinnias
and daisy things in the little clay pot

Current daisies moved to sit in solitary splendor

Alone but not forgotten.

The sidewalk booby trap grows

Hmmm, I keep walking out to look at it
Maybe I should actually work on it

Of course, there are vegetables and bulbs and pots and things inside too

And zinnias picked from my garden!

Today I planned to really tackle the reviews and the gardens and cooking and EVERYTHING.

Audiobook: Death of a fool by Ngaio Marsh; Miss Silver Comes to Stay by Patricia Wentworth
Reading: More Dell Shannon
Watching: Almost finished season 4 of Rocky and Bullwinkle

  • Farmer's market! vegetables that I'm going to cook and/or freeze
  • Was inspired when I came back and finished my row of pots over in the driveway.
  • Cybiling and gardening
  • Gardening and Cybiling
  • Second pot garden is done! Vacuumed up all the dirt I tracked in, both in my apartment and the hallway, swept the sidewalk, complete! The big garden isn't ready yet - the seeds are ripening, so I'll wait a little longer on that one. Maybe tomorrow...and I'll do the inside planting this weekend because I need more dirt.
  • Dove into the Penguin spring 2016 catalog. Requesting review copies, adding titles to next year's carts and to read lists, etc.
  • Took a break and dang it's 4:00pm.
  • OMG THE SEEDS POP. I thought I was going insane, with these weird little sounds and I found some random bits of brown stuff on my desk and realized the black-eyed susan fine seeds I had sitting pop open and fling seeds everywhere!
  • Finally finished the catalog. Time to design the big garden. I even MEASURED this one.
  • My brain is tired. I fiddled with librarything instead of doing dishes.
  • Ok, ok, I'm doing dishes. Dishes done. For one brief moment.
  • 3 short reviews
  • more fiddling with LibraryThing
  • Prepping reviews (i.e. making drafts)
  • cleaning out the refrigerator. hmmm, I either need to stop buying eggs or start eating them again.
  • got obsessed with LibraryThing and spent the rest of the evening listening to audiobooks and deleting and re-writing tags.
I chopped up the mini pumpkins from our CSA for the squirrels. Hey, SOMEBODY is eating them right?

Wall finished. Waiting for the new layer of mulch and the return of the pots.

The pots are back!

The nasturtiums are just temporary. They were already in a pot I moved in and I didn't want to pull them. They won't be there next year, that pot is four o'clocks

The hose coils into the garden so you can't see it (necessary since I can't get it off....) and you can just barely see the mint pot under the faucet.

Not looking at the big garden to the side! NOT LOOKING.

the empty pot will probably be violas next spring

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