Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vacation Day 8; or, Work is creeping up on me as is old age

Technically vacation is over and this is the weekend. I am a little achy from all the gardening. I went out for breakfast and then shopping with a friend (my version of shopping is to go to Lowes, Kohls, and Walmart) and then more brick hauling. Already work is creeping up on me. Sigh. Sinus headaches.
  • Went to get the last couple bricks and OF COURSE Lowes doesn't have the same ones as Home Depot. Positively refuse to go back to Home Depot and buy slightly different color. Who's going to know? Besides me.
  • Feeling slightly gloomy because of vacation ending and weather darkening and work hovering and also probably because I didn't eat lunch.
  • More hauling of dirt. More moving of bricks. Exhaustion is imminent.
  • But I have made it to bulb planting! Now all that's left is to add more dirt, lay out the wire, put the stepping stones and trellises in place, spread out the old vines for mulch, and do the last few pots.
  • The garden is done. So am I. Now I on Cybils, write reviews, and start stressing about work on Monday. Clean the kitchen and cook all the stuff in the fridge. Clean out the freezer. Vacuum all the dirt I tracked in. Plant all the indoor bulbs. Yay.
Dirt and mulch. OF COURSE I didn't buy enough, although my aching back says otherwise

Wire and stepping stones. Yes, it looks horrible but it's the only thing I have found to repel squirrels.

Not so bad from farther away.

Done! The two pots will have climbing vines and hummingbird feeders in the spring/summer

The viny tangle is in lieu of more mulch and/or compost.

Next year bulbs will sprout from the dead plants! Morning glories and nasturtiums will reseed themselves! I hope.

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