Friday, October 2, 2015

Vacation Day 7; or, I am Librarian, Killer of Gardens

Goodbye beautiful gardens. We loved you very much.
Have decided to bite the bullet and *gulp* cut down the garden. I really have to. If I wait any longer, it's going to be too cold and I won't have time. I have to cut down the wilderness of plants, sobbing quietly because they are still flowering, move the trellises, pull out the embedded chicken wire, move the bricks, expand the gardens (buy more dirt, mulch, and bricks) rebuild the wall, plant more bulbs, add new wire, and then I will probably throw the cut down plants over the top as mulch.

And I really have to stop procrastinating on those reviews. Sigh.

Audiobook: Miss Silver Comes to Stay (and my LP kids collection)
Relaxation Reading: Still on a Dell Shannon kick
Watching: Rocky and Bullwinkle - on season 5, marathon almost over
  • Of course, the first thing that happens when I get up is I have a message from my new dentist that they  never got the x-rays from my previous dentist. Which I requested sent on Wednesday. My appointment is Monday. Old dentist is closed Friday and Monday and did not have the courtesy to either actually send the x-rays or call to tell me why they couldn't. Reschedule appointment and make note to call dentist. AGAIN.
  • Fresh batch of Cybils pending nominations and discussions awaiting me.
  • Started on the gardens. Felt a lot better when I realized they were mostly dead underneath anyways and lots of seeds were already dry and ready to collect.
  • After a little more procrastination, decided to finish pulling everything own and reward myself with croissants.
  • Did that thing.
  • On my walk to get croissants I thought about how I wanted to lay out the garden and it's just as well I had to cancel my Monday morning dentist appt. because this is going to be a lengthy job.
  • Finally finished cleaning it out, time to go buy more bricks! and dirt. and mulch. of course I forgot my gloves - my hands are not happy.
  • AUGH I AM TWO BRICKS SHORT. I have worked until my legs are jelly and my back aches. Time to tidy up and call it a day.
  • I might write a few more reviews tonight...I might not.
one bed cleared

All bed cleared

Sad and empty

Trellises cleaned off - will use vines for mulch

Moved all the bricks, digging the new bed

See? bricks all moved

More bricks

MORE BRICKS. I loaded them on a cart at Home Depot, loaded them into the car

Then unloaded them. ARGH I'm short!!

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

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