Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vacation Day 9; or, It is over

small stack left to review

Technically the weekend. Drizzly and gray outside, so I'm glad I finished the gardens.
large stack waiting to go back to the library
GIANT stack still to be read
  • I got dressed (hey, every small achievement counts)
  • Cybiling
  • 4 short reviews
  • Reviewed Big Red Kangaroo, Bee Dance, 2 titles from Jump's Way to Grow series
  • Chocolate break
  • Wrote a review for another Jump title and then the internet went down and of course it didn't save. Wrote it again *mutter*
  • Another Jump title reviewed.
  • 7 brief reviews
  • reviewed Desmond's Blue Whale
  • If anyone's interested, in my backup blog I have 16 fiction reviews, 3 misc. (mostly some aware wrap-ups for the end of the year), 13 nonfiction, 7 picture books, 2 ra ra read posts, 6 board books, and 7 easy readers. 16 of these posts are still drafts.
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle dinner break
  • Reviewed Pig and Pug
  • Reviewed Stinky Cecil for No Flying No Tights
  • Reviewed Hamster Holmes and Don't throw it to Mo
  • Reviewed board book
  • another break
  • Reviewed My pet human
  • Reviewed a series for No Flying No Tights.
And that's it. vacation is over.

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