Saturday, September 26, 2015

First day of vacation: Zooing!

I'm going to be on vacation! You want obsessive, detailed updates about my life, no? Well, you're getting them anyways. I wasn't technically at work on Friday the 25th - I spent all day at a workshop - but vacation officially started on Saturday, September 26th. I went zooing with my friend Sara.

We went to the zoo. I am wearing my new t-shirt, supporting the Heath family's adoption.
Incidentally, I don't really like the monkeys and apes, but I love walking through the trees in their sort of aerie. There were a crazy lot of people, so I didn't see as many chipmunks as usual, but I saw some! Yes, I go to the zoo to see chipmunks. 

We saw the baby giraffe. It came up to the fence (and peed copiously to the delight of all the children) a few minutes later, but this is a photo that proves We Saw the Baby Giraffe.

Then we went to World Market and OMG THEY HAD PAPER UMBRELLAS!! I have been wanting one for ages and they never had any. I bought two. I also bought some candy, cookies, and a set of measuring cups which I will use for bowls.

We went to Kopps and got custard, to Eclectica for beads, to Half-Price books (Sara needed to get a book), to Fava Tea, where I got the last of the Sweet Melon and some rock sugar, to Joanns where I bought fabric I absolutely do not need and a blue bottle to use as a vase, to Brennans for cheese and fruit, had dinner at Emperor's Kitchen, and stopped at Fresh Market on the way home where we bought fancy drinks (watermelon water! peach white tea!), cake, olives, and more cheese. I like cheese.

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