Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vacation Day 5; or, It's pot season!

cleaning out the pot garden
As I tell my colleagues in May....when I buy all the little clay pots for our summer art program. Today I'm tackling my two container gardens and finishing the quilted bag I was making for my knitting projects.

Audiobook: Death of a fool by Ngaio Marsh
Relaxation Reading: Had to buy more Dell Shannon b/c I read them all
Watching: Rocky and Bullwinkle marathon continues

  • The garden is very muddy and full of slug eggs and somebody's dog pooped in the lawn so I had to clean that up (or smell it while I was working all morning). Sigh.
  • All the errands. I went to Home Depot and got chicken wire and bricks and mulch, to the old dentist for paperwork, to the hardware store for tomato cages and birdseed, to the nursery looking for slug bait and ended up getting pots and bulbs instead, then back to town to pick up our farm share. I drove THROUGH town, a thing I never do, even when it's not the height of the tourist season!
  • and around and around we go, calling dentists all the way.
  • Since NOBODY had the slug killer I wanted (only one place had any at all and it was the kind that kills everything) I had to order it online.
  • I decided to finish my quilted knitting bag and spent the rest of the afternoon on that with a few meanderings out to fiddle with the garden.
  • Then I went over to the library to pick up my holds and go to the knitting club.
  • Pots waiting to be returned

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