Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vacation Day 4; or, Rain

Part of a garden plan
Well, I was going to start on the gardens today. Um....*looks out at rain, cold wind and dropping temperatures* I guess I will plan the gardens today *puts on fuzzy socks*.

Audiobook: Phantom Toll Booth; Stately Home Murder by Catherine Aird; Death of a fool by Ngaio Marsh
Relaxation Reading: Still on Dell Shannon kick
Watching: Rocky and Bullwinkle marathon continues (currently in season 4)

  • Still some laundry in the basement to finish
  • Still cleaning out saved articles in feed
  • Figured out how to get photos off my phone and added them to the general pool of pictures I mean to organize. Fiddling with photos. I really dislike google's photo organization, or lack thereof. So I started another blog for my photos. Why not?
  • 10 brief reviews at Flying off my bookshelf
  • Laundry finished! (well, except the stuff on the drying rack but it's so humid that will probably take a day or two)
  • Finished 2 of the three garden plans I need
  • Most of the dishes except some pots and pans that need a thorough scrubbing
  • Read Little Robot, We Dig Worms, My Pet Human, and Sharks have six senses
  • Drat. Now there are more dishes. Oh well.
  • Read another stack of books, a couple picture books and board books, Don Brown's Drowned City and some graphic nonfiction I'm going to review for No Flying No Tights.
  • Going through more articles.
  • Sudden urge to go outside and get started on the gardens. Hauled some pots around, started trimming stuff back, moved pots temporarily onto sidewalk (but only one neighbor isn't home yet and hopefully she won't fall over them) and discovered strange clumps of insect eggs. 
  • Down to 137 books on my currently reading shelf and 22 on my to review stack
  • 6 short reviews
  • Am not going to bed until I clean out all these dang saved articles.
  • Read another stack of books
  • Finished feed! Going to read trashy alien romance and go to bed. Errands and gardening tomorrow.

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