Monday, September 28, 2015

Vacation Day 3; or, Laundry and Reviews

I also reorganized my flowers and stuff last night.
For all those who wanted one more hot day before fall really starts, you may thank me for taking my fans down to the basement. Yech. I decided to focus on reviews today but also doing laundry, since that was rather urgent. I read three more beginning chapter books last night, to add to the pile - Race the Wild, Petlandia, and Alien Invasion in my backyard and a big stack of picture books. Of course, that isn't ALL I did. I am a multi-tasker (otherwise known as having a short attention span).

Audiobook: Treasure Island (finished) Phantom Tollbooth
Relaxation Reading: Still reading Dell Shannon
Watching: Rocky and Bullwinkle marathon continues

  • I made a new page organizing all my RA RA Read lists
  • and then I started a Facebook group to go with it (yes, I'm procrastinating)
  • and worked on adding my movie collection to LibraryThing. Still procrastinating.
  • ok, if I've gotten desperate enough to do dishes it's time to stop procrastinating.
  • 3 short reviews on Flying off my bookshelf
  • also cleaning out my feed of all the stuff saved, mostly collection development
  • 6 short reviews
  • Reviewed Petlandia, Rain Forest Relay
  • Reviewed 9 board books in 3 reviews, interspersed with laundry and cooking dinner. It's my bacon and I'll fry if I want to...

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